Perch Onboarding Checklist

This article will walk through all the necessary steps to getting familiar with Perch!

  1. Overview of the Perch System
  2. Set up your Perch account
    1. Create Credentials and Log Into Your Account
    2. Add Athletes and Coaches
    3. Create Your Teams and Groups
    4. Add Positions
    5. Add Photos for Users
    6. Favorite Most Performed Exercises
    7. Set 1RMs
    8. Add a Banner Image to Your Leaderboard
    9. Create API Tokens for Any Necessary Integrations
  3. Mounting Your Hardware
    1. Setting Your Camera's Orientation
  4. Set up Your Tablet
    1. Log Your Tablet into Wi-Fi (Apple / Android)
    2. Log Into the Google Play Store / App Store
      1. Set your Perch tablet app to automatically receive updates via the App Store or the Google Play Store (***Note: You must be connected to Wi-Fi and properly logged into your Apple ID / Google account in order to receive auto updates)
    3. Download and Log into the Perch app (Links for the App Store and on the Google Play Store)
  5. Pair Your Camera to Your Tablet via Bluetooth
  6. Connect Your Perch Camera to Wi-Fi
  7. Set Your Camera Presets
    1. Set Presets on Your Tablet
    2. Transfer Presets on the Web App
    3. Send Perch a list of missing exercises or exercises you want to rename
  8. Record Your Lift Data
    1. Logging in Athletes
    2. Selecting Exercises
    3. Selecting Weights
    4. Setting Goals
    5. Tracking Sets
    6. What Metrics Does Perch Track?
    7. Driving Competition with the Perch Leaderboard
    8. Reviewing Sets and Viewing Historical Data
    9. Setting Preferences in the Perch App Settings
  9. Power Down Perch Camera(s)
  10. Analyze Perch Data
    1. Analyze Perch Insights
    2. View Trends for Individual Athletes in the Athlete Profile
    3. Exporting Data to a CSV
  11. Touch Base with IT