Creating and Editing Users

In this article we discuss creating and editing users in more depth. Users can include athletes and coaches, anyone that will generate data via lifting or anyone that needs to view or edit data on the web app.

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User Roles

Creating an Athlete

Creating Athletes in Bulk

Adding Positions

Creating a Coach or Admin

Archiving Users

Adding photos

User Roles

We give you the option to assign a role to each user within your organization when they are created. The key differences between these roles are their "permissions." The available roles are:

  • Athletes 
  • Coaches
  • Admins

Athletes: Any athlete within your organization. When creating athletes, you will have the option to provide an email address. If you provide an email address, athletes can use this email to log into their account. Because of their role as "athlete," they will only be able to see their own data. 

Coach: A coach has permission to see all information within an organization, but does not have edit access. A coach can also generate data (i.e. lift).

Admin: An admin has permission to see all information and edit / create new users. An admin can also generate data (i.e lift).

When new users are created within the organization, they will be assigned a role of "athlete" by default. The only exception is the user that creates the organization. They will be an "admin" by default.

Creating an Athlete Individually

  1. Select your organization name in the top right hand corner of the web app, and make sure "User Management" is selected in the Views drop down.
  2. Within the "Users" section, tap the "+ New User" button to create a new user. A blank pop up will display.

  3. Enter the athlete's individuals details (Name, Height, Weight, Email - if applicable, Gender) and assign them a role (Admin, Coach or Athlete).

    1. This is also where you can add a photo for the athlete by clicking on the pencil icon in the top left corner under the photo icon. (2)

Creating Athletes In Bulk

**Please note that the bulk import feature is for athletes only, not Coaches or Admins.

  1. Select your organization name in the top right hand corner of the web app, and make sure "User Management" is selected in the Views drop down.
  2. Within the "Users" section, tap the Cloud icon.

  3. A pop up will display where you can download a CSV template, which is what will be used to import users into your organization. 

  4. Once downloaded, you can fill out the necessary fields (First Name, Last Name, Team if applicable, Position if applicable) and save it as a CSV to your local computer.

  5. Return to the web app and select the Cloud icon again.  This time, select the button that says "Click Here to Upload" and select the CSV saved in step 4 above.
  6. If the CSV is ready to go and the users are all set to be imported, you will see a screen a confirmation pop up will display showing you how many users you're looking to import.  If the number is correct, select "Confirm Submission" and the athletes will be added to your account.

    1. If your CSV contains athletes that are already in your system, you will see a pop up telling you that you're going to import duplicates.  If this is intentional, you can tick the box next to those athletes specifically and create them anyway.  If not, leave the box (or boxes) unticked and select "Proceed" - your athletes will be added to your account. (3)

Adding Positions

Positions are a good way to filter your data in various areas of the platform. To add a position:

  • Switch from the All tab to a Team tab.
  • Take note that the Role column becomes the Position column.
  • Click the three dot icon to the left of the user's name and select Edit.
  • In the bottom section where it says "Select and/or add positions", begin to type. Hit the Enter key when you're done for the Position to save.
  • When Positions already exist, they will appear as options to select when you click on the section. Simply click on the name of the position you'd like to add to select it- multiple positions can be added for a single user.
  • Positions can also be added when adding users in bulk via the CSV. (7)

Creating a Coach or Admin

The Coach / Admin user creation is same as creating an athlete individually with a few small differences:

  • When creating the user, make sure to modify their role to "coach" or "admin" and enter their email address.
  • When you save the user, you'll be asked if you'd like to notify them via email that you've created them an account. Click "Send" to send them an email with a link to log in.
  • The coach should receive an email within a few minutes. When they click the link in the email they will be brought to the Perch website and directed to set a password.
  • Once they set a password, they're good to go and can log in to view your organization. 

Editing and Archiving Users

To Edit Users:

  1. Click the three dot icon next to any athlete, on the left side of the screen.
  2. You can now edit any attribute of the selected athlete.

Once athletes leave the team, you may want to remove them from the organization - this is where archiving users comes in handy. To archive one or more users:

  • Select the checkbox associated with the user in question on the left hand side of the screen
  • A "Deactivate # Users" button will appear on the upper right hand side of the Users section with the number of users selected for deactivation. Selecting this will send the selected users to the Inactive tab, and they won't be available for selection on the tablet or web until they're reactivated. (4)