Installing the Hardware

In this article, we will cover how to install all of the hardware. If you have not yet read our Hardware Overview, please do this first to get the most out of this article.

 NOTE: the below process can vary.

Step 1: Attach the Camera to the Rack

Remove your Perch Camera Unit from its packaging and place on the center of the front crossbar on your weight rack. Use the Velcro straps to loop around the crossbar and tighten down. Attempt to wiggle the camera to ensure it is secure and that it is as flush as possible to the sides of the crossbar.

Step 2: Power up Your Camera

If you are using a battery: stick your battery to the rack, close to the camera, using the magnets embedded in the back of the battery. Attach the camera and battery via the cable provided. Turn the battery on.

If you are using wall power, find a nearby outlet and extension cord. Plug the camera power cable into the power source. 

The camera system contains a beefy computer, and just like your laptop or desktop, it takes a minute to turn on. The camera is fully on when you see a red light in the left lens.

Step 3:  Turn Your Tablet on and Attach it to the Rack

If you are using the Samsung Galaxy or iPad tablet we provide, turn the tablet on by holding down the button on the right hand side for 5 seconds. This process can vary depending on your tablet.

Use your tablet mount to connect the tablet to the rack.

Step 4: Connect the Tablet to WiFi.

Open settings on the tablet and connect to your local WiFi. This process will vary depending on which tablet you are using.  If you run into any issues, please cite our article on troubleshooting steps here.

Step 5: Install the Perch app

Make sure the Perch app is installed on the tablet. If not, you can find the app by typing in "Perch fitness" into the Play Store (for android) or App Store (for iOS).

Step 6: Connect the tablet and camera 

Enter your tablet settings and find the name of your camera system. Pair the two devices if not paired already. After pairing, we recommend you restart your tablet to solidify the Bluetooth connection.

Step 7: Sign into the Perch app

Open the Perch App, Sign in using your admin credentials. If you have not created your admin account yet, you need to do this first. Learn how here.

Step 8: Connect Camera to WiFi

The camera and tablet both need to be connected to WiFi. This is necessary for data storage and updates. We reviewed this in our Perch system overview article.  You already connected the tablet to WiFi, and you can now connect the camera to WiFi through the Perch app. The tablet  should prompt you to connect the camera to WiFi automatically. If it doesn't, click "settings" in the Perch app (gear icon in bottom right), and click "Perch device WiFi."

 We discuss Bluetooth and WiFi in more depth in our connectivity article.

Step 8: Make Gains!