Exercise Presets (i.e. Telling the Camera Where to Look)

Setting your "Exercise Presets" is the same thing as "Telling the Camera Where to Look." It is how you control the motor and thus the position of the camera. They are referred to as "Exercise Presets" because the position to which the camera moves and thus where it looks depends on what exercise you have selected.

This is ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS OF SET UP. If the camera can't see you, we can't collect accurate data. One of the easiest ways to miss reps or for the system to give you inaccurate numbers is to go out of the field of view of the camera. We have some cool stuff in the works that will make it difficult to go out of the field of view, but for now, good presets will get the job done!

This article will walk you through how to set your presets:

  1. Select the Bar Presets Button on your Perch Tablet App home screen (B) This will open up the exercise preset modal. 
  2. You will see three things of importance. (1) An exercise selection (2) + / - buttons which control the position of the camera and (3) Two red lines - these lines represent the field of view of the camera. If the camera can see a lifting implement, a barbell symbol will appear between the two red lines.
  3. Adjust the camera position by clicking the +/- buttons. Look at the camera to see where it is pointing, and look at the two red lines on the tablet to see if a barbell symbol is visible. Position the camera to an approximately correct position.
  4. Before finalizing the camera position, we recommend you go through the full range of motion of that lift with this screen open. You will see the barbell move between the two red lines. If the barbell disappears (i.e. leaves the field of view of the camera), readjust the camera and go through the range of motion again.
  5. When satisfied, click Save.
  6. Repeat this process for every exercise you want to reset.

NOTE: These settings are Camera Specific, meaning that each camera can have their own settings. You can go to each camera and repeat the process. However, if you'd like your cameras to all have the same settings, we recommend you transferring your presets from one camera to the rest using our Device Control Center.