Real-Time Feedback

Perch offers a variety of metrics that are displayed in real time and stored for post-workout analysis via the Web App:

  • After pressing start, an empty bar graph will appear on your tablet app
  • At the top of this bar graph will be a large green number. It will default to 0.00 m/s
  • Perch defaults to Velocity (mean for strength movements, peak for Olympic or power movements)
  • You can change the live feedback metric by tapping the green numbers, the following are your options:
    • m/s (velocity in both mean and peak)
    • Watts (power in both mean and peak)
    • m/s (eccentric mean velocity)
    • Seconds (eccentric time)
  • When you begin lifting, the output will appear as a blue bar within your bar graph and the latest output will take place of the green numbers. A running set average will also appear below the green number.
  • If you have selected to display velocity thresholds, any rep output that is within the range will appear as a blue bar. Any rep output that is outside of the range (too fast or too slow) will appear as a red bar.
  • You may also choose to display fast reps as a different color, they will appear yellow if too fast, red if too slow, and blue if within the velocity threshold.
  • If you have selected a unilateral exercise, bars will appear different colors corresponding to which limb you are using.
  • Occasionally a bar will appear to be translucent. When this happens, it simply means the camera is unsure if it is a rep based on the others in the set. We use the context of an entire set to determine what a rep is and what is not in order to minimize "ghost reps." Learn more here.