Perch Camera Physical Installation Guide

The Perch Camera can be used in two setups: on a weight rack or placed on the ground

Installing a Perch Camera on a weight rack is the most common setup. It can be strapped to a weight rack or a Perch rack adapter. Placing the Perch Camera on the ground can be utilized when traveling with a device or when there isn't a rack to strap the device onto. This article will show you how to set your device up so that it will function as expected when in either mode.

Rack Mode:


> Perch logo is facing up

> Square bracket facing up

> Camera is facing down

> Straps are pulled tight and secure


Ground Mode

> Square bracket facing up

> Camera is facing the lifting area

> Flat edge is resting on the floor

> Rear of camera is propped up


If you run into any issues, please contact us at, and our support team will work with you to get things set up and ready to go!