Creating a Workout Plan

Use Perch Plan to send your workout seamlessly from the web app to the tablet. Save yourself time and effort!

Using Perch Plan starts on the web app, which is where you'll build and design all of your programs. From here you'll send it to your Perch tablet app, where your athletes can quickly and efficiently run through the prescribed work. Prescribe volume and intensity, add any comments, and get through your workout in no time!

If you have any questions regarding Perch PLAN, or can't see any of the below information, please contact your Perch representative or email our support team at

Creating your program

Navigate to the Perch web app at To get into the Workout Library, select the PLAN button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

To begin, select the + Create Workout button in the top right corner of the box.

From here, you can name your workout and give it a description. The description can be used to make any additional notes to your athletes as they prepare for the lift.

Select your exercises and assign your desired volumes and intensities, and add any comments and goals, whether they're custom or pre-assigned. You can add new sets from scratch with the +Add Set button, or copy sets you want to duplicate with the double page button.

To add more exercises, select the +Add Activity button, and a new exercise section will appear. These will be linear in their header title (the first exercise will be A, the second will be B, the third will be C, etc.).

Workouts can be set in any order - you have the ability to move things up or down in order, depending on where you'd like them to sit by selecting the 3 dots in the top right of the exercise's box. In this menu you can also delete or duplicate exercises from your plan.

Once you've finished crating your plan, make sure you save it in the top right hand corner of the page. If you'd like for it to be selectable on the tablet for your athletes, switch the Published bar over to the right, where it will turn green, before you save. If you're not quite ready to send it to the tablet yet, leave that bar on the left, where it will stay grey and unpublished. Keep in mind that you can publish it at any time to send it to the tablet. Any unpublished plans, though, will not appear on the tablet for athletes to select.

Once saved, you'll be able to see your plan in the Workout Library, where you can publish or unpublish any plan as well as deactivate any plan in order to keep the list as clean as possible. 

In the workout library, you also have the ability to duplicate any plans to make subtle changes week to week easier to manage. You'll also be able to see when each plan was created and last modified, and you can sort by any of the available headers.

As mentioned above, only published plans will display for selection on the tablet app. However, unpublishing a plan doesn't remove it from the list - if you'd like to remove a plan from the Active tab, click on the check box on the left hand side of the plan's row and select Delete # Workout. This will move it from the Active tab to the Deleted tab, where it can be recovered/restored as needed.

Once your plans have been created and published, you're ready to get on the weight room floor and lift! See our user guide on using Perch PLAN on your tablet app here.