Web App Overview

The Web App is a pivotal piece of the product. This article is a great starting point and will act as a high level overview before we dive deep in separate articles. The web app is how you create users, view and export data, set up competitions, and manage your devices and organization.

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User and Team Creation and Management (A)

Export (B)

Leaderboard (C)

Control Center (D)

Organization Settings (E)

User and Team Creation and Management

Access this section by clicking your organization's name in the top toolbar. Within this section you can:

  • Create users and manage their roles within the organization (admin, coach, athlete)
  • Create Teams and assign positions to each user
  • Create groups within teams
  • Set 1 rep max's for each user.

More details on creating and editing users can be found here.


Access this section by clicking "Export" in the top toolbar. The export function allows you to:

  • Filter what data you want to export by teams, groups, or individuals, date ranges and specific exercises.
  • After filtering data, you can control which fields or attributes you want to display. Example of attributes are specific metrics such as power or velocity, name of athlete, time of set, weight of set, weight displayed as % of 1 RM, and more.

The export feature is very robust and can be configured to meet a variety of data analysis needs. More details can be found in the CSV Export article.


Access this section by clicking "Leaderboard" in the top toolbar. The Leaderboard function allows you to create competitions in live time in your weight room. You can:

  • Create competitions by filtering by teams and groups, data ranges, specific exercises, the metric you want the athletes to compete on and more.
  • Display two different time ranges simultaneously. (e.g. Left column for "All Time" leaders and right column for "Today's" leaders)
  • This screen updates every 30 seconds to enhance the competitive atmosphere in your weight room
  • Because the leaderboard is simply displayed on a web browser, you can easily use an, apple TV, google chrome cast, or other streaming device to display the leaderboard on any TV in your weight room. 
  • Have multiple competitions running at once. Simply open up a new browser window on your computer to create and display more than one competition.

You can learn more about setting up real time competitions via our leaderboard article.

Control Center

Access this section by clicking your profile in the top right, and then in the drop down menu, clicking "manage devices." From this screen you can:

  • Remotely update all of your devices at once.
  • Rename your devices to something more specific to your organization.
  • Virtually position your devices so that their position on this screen is representative of how you've laid them out in your weight room. This may help with any troubleshooting / support issues in the future.
  • Transfer "presets" from one device to others. "Presets" are the individual camera positions associated with each exercise. We cover how to set these an another post here.

We dive deeper into the users of the control center in another article here.

Organization Settings

Access this section by clicking your profile in the top right, and then in the drop down menu, clicking "Organization Settings" From this screen you can:

  • Change your organization name
  • Change your thumbnail image
  • Change your banner image (visible in the leaderboard)

Learn more about customizing your web app here.