Can I Charge The Tablet Through my Perch External Battery?

You don't need to have your tablet connected to power while lifting. But you can! We've run thorough in-house testing on tablet battery life in conjunction with Perch Battery Life. We determined that the tablet will maintain charge if connected to a camera that is connected to a Perch supplied battery.

A major benefit to this method is that the only thing you'll need to take off of the rack is the battery itself, making it easier to leave and use Perch where it is.

To Power the Tablet Via the Perch Battery:

  1. Connect the battery to the camera as usual via the power port on the right-hand side of the camera
  2. Turn the battery on (line down)
  3. Connect the appropriate tablet charging cable's USB side into the camera. The USB Port is next to the circular power port where the battery is connected. Connect the other end of the USB charging cable into the tablet
  4. If your tablet isn't receiving power, please email our support team at

If you decide not to connect the tablet to the camera, it will still operate as expected!  For battery life recommendations of various tablets, please refer to the manufacturer of the tablet itself.