Tablet App Overview

The Perch App is simple yet comprehensive. This is not an exhaustive feature list, but a general overview of the major components of the Perch App.  You can check your tablet's compatibility here.

After opening the App and logging in, your Perch home screen will have 9 major buttons:

  1. Settings (A): This is where you will find your Admin Account, Workout Options, and Connectivity Options.
  2. Exercise Presets (B): Where you will go to set the camera position for any exercise. We walk you trough how to do this in more detail in a separate article here.
  3. Bar Visibility Indicator (C): Indicates whether or not the camera is seeing the barbell. Red indicates barbell is not in the field of view of the camera. Green means good to go for gains!
  4. Connectivity (D): Where you will go to see if the camera is connected to WiFi and Bluetooth. For more details you can refer to our connectivity guide.
  5. Athlete Login (E): What you or your athletes will tap to log into the app and begin lifting. 
  6. Weight Selection (F): Where you or your athletes will enter the weight they are lifting.
  7. Exercise Selection (G):  Where you or your athlete will select the exercise they are performing.
  8. Auto-Mode (H): This is what you select to automatically rotate between athletes. Automode uses a timing threshold between reps to determine when a set automatically finishes and the next user is logged in. More information on Auto-Mode can be found on our Additional lift settings page.
  9. Start Button (I): This is what you or your athlete selects to begin their set. This button is not present during auto-mode as sets automatically start.