Perch Rack Adapter Safety and Tightening Requirements


The Perch rack adapter is engineered for secure attachment to a weight rack. Failure to conduct regular inspections of the mounting screws may result in the product loosening and detaching, posing risks of property damage or injury. Users are required to inspect all fastening screws at least once per month to ensure they are securely tightened and in good condition. If any screw appears to be loose, tighten them. If they appear to be damaged, or shows signs of wear, cease use of the product and contact your Perch rep or support at  for repair or replacement. Neglecting regular maintenance checks absolves the manufacturer of any liability for damages or injuries that may occur.

The Perch rack adapter is not designed to support the weight of a person. Do not hang, swing, or pull on the  adapter, as doing so could compromise its structural integrity and result in injury or damage.

Each rack adapter should also have a ring that comes with it that provides an extra layer of protection to it. The rack adapter ring needs to go between the four screws on the sliding piece of the rack adapter with the opening side facing down, as it was specifically manufactured that way. This is not a replacement for tightening the screws, which as mentioned above should be tightened at least once per month - this is to provide an added layer of security. There should be one ring per rack adapter -if you're missing one or need an extra, please reach out to your Perch representative or to our support team by emailing