Perch Hardware Warranty

  • Quality and Functionality: When you receive our hardware, it will function as described and will be free from significant flaws.
  • Warranty Duration: For purchased hardware, the warranty lasts for 12 months after date of delivery. An extended warranty can be purchased at time of renewal and the coverage period will extend for an agreed upon length. Extended warranties only cover the Perch Camera and not accessories For hardware related to HaaS (i.e. Rented) hardware, the warranty covers the entire duration of the contract.
  • Warranty Limitations: The warranty doesn't apply if:
    • The hardware wasn't used as intended.
    • Modifications were made by unauthorized personnel.
    • It was used in conditions not recommended by Perch.
    • The hardware was damaged due to misuse.
    • We can't replicate the reported issue.
Resolution: If our hardware fails to meet its promised standards during the warranty period and after troubleshooting with a Perch representative, Perch commits to either repair or replace it as detailed in our Subscription Specifications. If the hardware is no longer under a warranty, the hardware will need to be purchased at MSRP or repaired at Perch’s current market rate.