How Does Perch's Technology work?


The Perch Camera System consists of a 3D camera (similar to an Xbox kinect) mounted on a motor and housed in a rugged metal and plastic exterior. The housing is made to sit comfortably on your rack and held in place by thick velcro straps. Once placed on your rack, the Perch Hardware doesn’t ever need to move. 

To dive a little deeper (and get a little nerdier): 3D cameras produce images with pixels, just like any camera. However, instead of each pixel having an associated color, each pixel has an associated “depth.” The “depth” is simply how far away that object is from the camera.

Our algorithms locate a lifting implement in the video that we obtain from the depth camera. With this information we can determine the implement's position in 3D space. By tracking the implements position over time, we can calculate velocity, power output, and more.

To learn more about how our technology works as well as other ways of collecting this information - check out our technology blog post here -