Historical View on Tablet App

In the Perch Tablet App, users can view all historical data associated with their accounts. This is usually performed on the web application, but for quick at-a-glance purposes, the Tablet App is capable of of historical views. This is also useful in accessing historical data for the purpose of making any edits.

Day View

  • When a user is logged in and not lifting (no bar graph), you are looking at the "Day View."
  • There will be a date under the weight and exercise selection. Arrows allow you to navigate to previous dates.
  • This view will display "tiles" each representing a set you've done on the indicated day. The sets will be organized by exercise. On each tile (i.e. set) you will see the weight performed and number of reps within that set.
  • You can click into each set and see a summary of that set (bar graph, weight, exercise, etc)
  • From here, you can also toggle through the various metrics, view set averages, and even edit using the pencil button in the top right hand corner
  • If you navigated to a different date, just click the "Today" button in the top left of the screen to get back to today's date.

Month View

  • There is also an option to view a calendar. To access this, tap “Month” in the top right hand side of the page.
  • In this view, you will see a month calendar. Each day on which sets were performed, there will be green circles that will contain the amount of sets performed on that day. The shade of green represents the volume on that day. The darker the green, the more sets were performed.
  • To view any of this historical data, simply click a day on the calendar, and you will be brought to the Day View of that date.
  • From here you can select tiles, toggle through metrics, edit any data etc.
  • Just click "Today" to get back to today's date.

To edit any historical data please review our Set summary and recording errors article.