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Does Perch Integrate with Third Party Software?

Perch software is able to open API for third party integrations. This is an optional add on for our software cost, but can make it easier for your Perch data to end up in your Athlete Management System, or custom dashboards, wherever you want it to go.

We do already have some integrations built with common AMS's, but if your preferred one is not one we currently integrate with, we are absolutely open to adding them and having those conversations for additional cost. 

The way this integration works is through your existing contract with the AMS. Perch data will sync into your AMS as it pertains to athletic performance data from Perch to consolidate information into a singular platform.

Current Perch Integrations

  • Smartabase 
  • Kinduct
  • Apollo
  • RockDaisy
  • Teambuildr
  • Kitman Labs
  • More coming soon!