Creating Your Organization

Before you start collecting data in the weight room, you must create your organization. This is the account you will use to sign into the tablet and web app to create users and access historical data.

Sign Up

  1. In any internet browser, go to
  2. Under the "Sign Up" tab, fill out your email , first and last name, password.
  3. Name your "Organization." For example, if you are a collegiate strength coach that works with olympic sports, you may want to name your organization, "College Name Olympic." This name can be changed at any time through the web app settings.
  4. Accept the privacy policy and terms of service.
  5. Hit "Sign UIp."

This will create your profile and make you an "Admin" on the account. You can then create additional admins, coaches, and athletes. You can learn more about creating users in this article.



Where and How Are My Credentials Used?

  • The credentials you created will be used to log into both the Perch Web App AND the Perch Tablet App. Any admin can log into the Perch tablet app.
  • Once you are logged into tablet app using your admin account, any users or groups associated with your organization will be able to log in on the tablet, lift, and have their data stored on the web app.