4.3 Set Summary and Recording Errors

As soon as you hit "complete" after finishing a set, a summary screen will appear, providing you the completed bar graph along with the set average, and the ability to report ban error if need be. This screen will not appear if you are in Auto-Mode.

Edit Set Attributes 

If a set was recorded with an incorrect weight, exercise, or athlete, you have the option to edit it even after completion.

You can modify:

  • The athlete that performed the set
  • The weight lifted
  • The exercise that was performed

You can modify in two ways

  • In the set summary screen immediately following  the set
  • If the set has been saved, you can access previous sets via the historical navigation on the app. Once you find the incorrect set, you can click the pencil icon to edit the set and make any of the above changes.

Report Errors 

We do everything we can to minimize the errors you experience, but sometimes in happens. When they do, we give you a way to report them. This helps your data stay clean and helps us continue to get better:

Errors can include:

  • Missed Reps - a rep that you performed that didn't show up on the bar graph.
  • Ghost Reps - An extra rep that appears on the bar graph that you didn't perform (e.g. a bounce after dropping a clean, picking up the barbell from the ground before a set).
  • Values Seem Wrong - value seems like an outlier
  • Other

We also give you the ability to make comments about these errors. We read these so be nice!

Additional Details on Ghost Reps

The best way to report ghost reps is to actually click each rep in the set summary screen. This will change the rep from blue to red and indicate that it is a ghost rep. This will delete this rep from view and make sure your data is clean. You can simply click the rep again to restore it.