1.6 Creating Favorite Exercises

Adding favorite exercises will help you stay organized, and keep your weight room flowing smoothly. It is a simple process to ensure your commonly used exercises are favorited in the web application. These favorites will appear as their own category in the tablet app too so athletes and coaches can easily navigate through them on the floor.

Adding Exercises as Favorites in the Web Application

  • Select your organization name from the top menu
  • In the drop down menu located to the right of the teams, select "Favorite Exercises"
  • In the menu that opens, you will see "All Exercises" on the left and "Favorite Exercises" on the right.
  • To add to your favorites, you can search through the left menu, and simply click the star. The exercise will be favorited and immediately added to your favorite menu.
  • To undo this, simply click the star again and the exercise will be unfavorited.
  • Your favorite exercises will be available on the tablet app as well, so you and your athletes can select the "Favorites" option n the exercise selection menu and see your favorite and commonly used exercises for expediency.